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Seems like this strategy works best on stocks that are trading sideways

This is about a service I built that gives free stock market data daily packaged as a convenient CSV. Why? You might ask, this is a service to help our customers to find insights, back-test strategies, and explore the stock market in a different format than what is usually presented on Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, and other sites. This is different than other sites since this gives a fine grained look at the stock market and the transactions that it’s made of.

Building this scraper is complicated since there are over 6000 different tickers to search for, and 6.5 hours…

Disclaimer, I am the creator of I wanted to share what I made for aspiring quant researchers and individuals interested in the Stock Market to use a large and thorough dataset to help them perform quantitate analysis on the Stock Market.

Here is a video if you prefer to watch a video is a free service that provides a daily dump of the entire stock market with a large set of NASDAQ tickers (close to 6000 daily). It pulls minute by minute bars with 6 data columns (open, close, high, low, volume, timestamp) and the ticker that’s…

A few weeks ago I received an email from Amazon congratulating me that I’ve been chosen to receive an early launch version of the Halo. As a former athlete and Whoop wearer, this was especially exciting for me coming back and getting my first smart band after 3 years.

I accepted the invitation on the email and was immediately directed to the Amazon store. There they confidently displayed the early launch version of the Halo and let me select between 3 different version and 3 different colors. I chose the black medium sized band. There was a convenient sizing chart…

If you’re a new trader or experienced you might have wondered how your gains are taxed at the end of the year. Yup if you make money, Uncle Sam is going to want a cut. There is one simple trick that you can do to minimize your tax obligation at the end of the year. Before jumping let me explain tax obligation in stocks.

Stocks and other securities are taxed under the capital gains tax. …


What is Halo Band

Halo band is Amazon’s new launch into the fitness market. It’s a fitness band that is capable of measuring your sports activity, sleep, and body comp with a surprise feature of measuring the tone of your voice and how you sound in conversation. It doesn’t have a screen but is waterproof, swimproof, and small and fashionable.

Who is it for

The Halo is great for athletes and regular people that want to track and improve their health. The band competes with other bands like the FitBit, Whoop, and Apple Watch. The major difference between the band and other smart devices like the Apple Watch…

Hairdoo was an on-demand beauty startup in the men and women beauty space with their flagship product, Hairdoo. My co-founder and I built a 2 sided marketplace for licensed hair artists and consumers.

The marketplace let artists join and be part of the platform. The consumers could then have the option of booking a hair artists to an address that is either an office, home or hotel.

The Artist would then be matched with the consumer based on the consumer’s hairstyle and preferences.

When the artist arrived they would bring all the equipment and materials, cut the hair, and clean…

If you don’t know already, Redis is an in-memory key value database that is capable of storing simple data structures in addition to other complex data structures like queues, sets, and streams. Redis is great when you have several different computers running different parts of a service that need to share and pass data between each other. It is also often used as a cache & handling real time data.

Read my article last week about when to and when not to use Redis.

In this video I’m going to share a couple fast things you can do right now…

Redis is almost a household name in 2020. With every major tech company moving towards a microservices, service-oriented architecture, Redis is now more important than ever. In this article I am going to share what Redis is and some use cases. More specifically when to use it and when not to use it.

What is Redis?

Redis is an in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache, and message broker. This was taken directly from the Redis website.

What does that mean.

To look at this we need to look at historic caching solutions. Before we had a cache called Memcached. It…

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Recently I took the extra time during quarantine and launched a project, Sparkvid is a tool that transcribes audio in video files and audio files to text.



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