Amazon Halo: First Impressions


What is Halo Band

Who is it for

Why am I writing this review

First Impressions


The band is pretty comfortable. It is adjustable, the tightest setting is a bit too uncomfortable for my wrist.


What’s in the box

The Halo App

Setting Up

I haven’t set up body composition yet, but that one does require you to take pictures and a scan of your body. I’m questioning how accurate the body composition is because it is pictures based.

iOS and Android


Sleep monitoring

At the end of the night the band will give you a rating of 0–100 on your quality of sleep. So far my sleep has been around a 50, which means that I have some area to improve on.

Tone Monitor

The feature is turned off until you decide to go live on the band. I can see this as being useful for important meetings or sales conversations where the emotion of both speakers is probably more important than the conversations I’m having with my friends.

Heart Rate monitor


Full Review coming soon